Estate Tax

Estate Tax

Death and taxes are two (2) certainties that we can plan for in life. The IRS is still able to tax us in death using the estate tax rules as legislated by congress.

For this paper, you will be required to respond to the following scenario:

A wealthy couple has hired you to advise them on protecting their estate from taxes upon death. They own a farm and several businesses that they would like to pass on

to their three (3) children.

Using the Internet or Strayer Library, research the IRS’s current level of interest and audits conducted related to estate taxes and proposed changes to legislation

related to estate taxes.

1.Based on your research related to the current level of interest of the IRS related to estate taxes, assess how this information may factor into your advice and level

of aggressiveness with tax minimization related to estate taxes and planning for your clients. Provide support for your position.
2.Based on your review of the recent or current legislative proposals related to estate taxes, evaluate the proposal you believe to be most viable. Indicate how such a

change may be implemented into the tax law. Provide support for your rationale.
3.Research the impact of estate taxes on a taxpayer’s ability to transfer wealth to their children and tax planning tools used to minimize estate taxes. Indicate the

effectiveness of these tools.
4.Propose a strategy to your client to mitigate or eliminate estate taxes and transfer as much wealth as possible to their children within the current estate tax laws

and given level of IRS interest in this area.
5.Evaluate and discuss which estate tax provisions would most likely be abused by taxpayers and elevate the potential risk of an IRS audit. Provide support for your

6.Imagine that you are appointed by Congress to simplify the estate tax code related to estate taxes. Suggest changes that would be fair to both taxpayers and the

federal treasury, indicating how such taxes would be implemented.

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