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The following list describes four students according to one or more aspects of learning style you observed in a classroom. Consider each student; and based on the limited information provided write what you believe would be the most effective instructional and evaluation strategies you could provide the teacher for a subject of your choice. For each student, fill in a description under each of the following headings:
Grade level, skill, or concept to be taught
Appropriate teaching strategy/materials
Appropriate evaluation strategy
Description of the students:

Tammy Rae—requires structure and has visual preferences
George—requires a quiet learning environment, is teacher motivated, prefers learning alone, is a factual and kinesthetic learner, and requires mobility
Moses—lacks persistence, is a peer-oriented learner, has auditory preferences, requires food intake, and learns best in the late morning
Margaret—requires a formal learning environment; is persistent, responsible, peer oriented, adult and teacher motivated and has multiple modality preferences

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