Research and Writing Guidelines:
1.    Spend some time familiarising yourself with the EdCan resources and the colorectal case study. You will find links to references embedded in the colorectal case scenario and learning activities that may be helpful in your research.

2.    Use references that are primarily peer-reviewed journal articles, published within the last ten years. Consumer websites, Wikipedia and websites that are not government-based or related to professional organisations are unacceptable. Examples of acceptable websites include:
•    National Health and Medical Research Council
•    State Departments of Health
•    Publications aimed at health professionals from organisations such as those found in Cancer Australia – Cancer Learning Resources (for example EdCan, eviQ). (The consumer materials published on these websites are not acceptable.)

3.    A critical review of the evidence means synthesising the research literature from different perspectives and arguing that the chosen intervention will benefit the patient.

4.    Observation, assessment and further diagnostic testing are not considered suitable interventions for this assessment.

5.    For the purpose of this assessment, your suggested intervention to manage John’s problem must be different from the intervention you suggest to prevent John from experiencing the problem during future cycles of chemotherapy.

6.    At least 15 to 20 high quality academic references, used appropriately, are expected to support the arguments within your essay.

Formatting Guidelines:
You are expected to present your assignment in a scholarly fashion. It should conform to the following academic conventions. Penalties will apply if these conventions are not adhered to. Use the following points as a checklist prior to submission:

?    You may have plus/minus 200 words of the designated word count, not including in-text references and the reference list.

?    Include a footer with page numbers “x of y” and a header with your name and student number on all pages

?    Use a separate page for references. The reference page is not included in the word count

?    Reference according to , APA conventions only.

?    Bullet points and numbering are not appropriate in this assessment item

?    Use size 12 font, Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri font and 1.5 line spacing for all assignments, left and right justify, and ensure margins of 2.5 cm on the right and left of the page.

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