essay of 19-35 australian palitave care patients


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introduction general idea about the topic withe out lines the discution parts main points

discussion about 2 Write an essay that:
a) Identifies and explains the importance of providing age-appropriate palliative
care reflecting a palliative approach for a person and their family
b) Discusses your understanding of how the nurse supports the needs of a
young adult, and their family, in a palliative care context
? Use current (less than five years old) and relevant literature to adequately
support your discussion throughout the essay
? References must be in APA style

Getting started
The following readings are offered to help you get started on your essay.
Bhatnagar, S., and Joshi, S. (2011). Palliative care in young adults: An issue
which needs higher and better awareness. Indian Journal of Palliative
Care, 13(3), 173-174. doi:10.4103/0973-1075.92332
Haley, C., and Daley, J. (2013). Palliation in chronic illness. In E. Chang and A.
Johnson (Eds.). Chronic illness and disability. Principles for nursing practice.
(2nd ed). (pp. 232-248). Chatswood: Elsevier. Retreived from

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