Essay for my Entrepreneurship & Innovation Major

Essay for my Entrepreneurship & Innovation Major

The Assignment

Currently, we operate as described in the “Service_Design-Manage_Design_Requests” document. After taking the module 1 of the “Entrepreneurship and Innovation” major, I need to reflect what I have learned and demonstrate deep understanding of the new skills I acquired in this course.

The assignment should describe the situation we are in, and reflect on it by showing that I can apply or applied the concepts and methodologies I learned in this course to my work situation.

I’m working for a managed IT services company. We provide also solutions and IT services, outsourcing, smart city services and datacenter hosting (colocation).

One of the important things that I have in mind, is to apply design thinking concepts to the current process. This process is written from technical point of view and almost mechanical. I want to add more human touch to it, focusing on the customers/end-users journey, use cases and users experience (those are examples and feel free to add more). I didn’t include all the slides as they are not relevant, however Design thinking, Innovation within Established Companies, and Technological Change and Entrepreneurial Opportunities are key slides.

In Summary:

•    How design thinking can help to improve the current process
•    How I apply what I learned in this course to drive innovation within my company
•    How I change my team mindset from technology centric to entrepreneurial thinking when they design solutions and help our company competitive advantage

check the “CTO Office – Department Overview” file for overview of my department that I’m heading.

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