ePortfolio Assignment for final course

ePortfolio Assignment for final course

You are part of a hospital committee to design a new CPD and OR for your hospital.  As a senior staff CPD and seasoned CPD team leader, you have been told that your suggestions will carry a good deal of weight.  However, you know that you will also have to provide solid reasons for your design recommendations and show that they meet, or exceed CSA standards.

The OR’s will be designed by the OR staff, your group is responsible for the design of the Sterile Supply Department only.

The details of the various hospitals are included in this project section of eCentennial and you may choose which ever hospital you feel would be the most fun to work on

You are given the dimensions allotted to the Central Processing Department, and also where the OR is in relationship with your department.

You will also be given the # of OR’s and the type of hospital ie: Trauma, Community etc.

You must take into account all aspects of the CPD.
Set up of department – where is the decontamination area – sterile storage etc.

1.    Floor Plan showing the location of all of the elements of your presentation

2.    Equipment, i.e. washers, sterilizers, types of storage shelves etc.

3.    Delivery systems to both OR and floors (where applicable)

4.    Communication Systems

5.    Instrument Tracking systems

You will submit your recommendations to your instructor in the form of one ePortfolio presentation broken out into each of the five sections listed above.

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