Environmental studies and Forestry

Environmental studies and Forestry

sources it needs to be 2 websites, 2 scholarly journals, and 1 book

BIOL 211: Environmental Issue Position Paper (6 pages)
Students will research the sides of an environmental issue to gain a better understanding of an environmental issue and articulate a position based on the evidence they have collected.
Learning Objective(s) Addressed by this Activity:
1. Understand the nature of science, the methods applied in scientific investigations, and the value of those methods in developing a rigorous understanding of the natural world.
2. Evaluate evidence, results, and claims related to today’s environmental issues ? and their impact on broader human or societal issues.
Description: (6 pages) Includes Title page (1 page), Abstract (1 page), Body (3 pages), References (1 page)
Prepare an environmental issue position paper that includes your opinion, feelings, and the evidence that supports them. The main reason for this activity is for you to use your critical thinking skills to analyze the different arguments of an environmental issue and then articulate your own position on the issues (supported by good evidence). Choose an environmental topic that interests you. Research the different sides of the issue and think about your position on the issue. There is a six-page maximum for this paper. Use 4 or more sources for this paper and make sure you use the proper APA format for referencing your sources (more TBA).
An opinion is a view or belief by a person. A good opinion is based on fact, but it is not fact itself. A fact is a specific statement which can be checked or proven to be true. Make sure you understand and believe the position that you are trying to support. It is difficult to write a position paper if you don’t believe in your topic. Don’t be afraid to form an opinion or change your opinion about a controversial environmental issue.
When you support or defend an opinion, make sure you do so with clear, provable facts. Otherwise, your reader probably won’t believe your opinion. You can state your opinion or belief in the topic sentence and then support it with specific facts. Or, you can start your assignment by presenting a number of specific facts which lead to a believable concluding or ending statement.
Make sure that all of your ideas in your environmental issue position paper are meaningful and well thought out. Avoid statements which exaggerate the facts or mislead the reader. Avoid statements which appeal only to the reader’s feelings and contain no factual information.
I would suggest that as soon as you pick your topic you start writing an outline or list of what you plan to write about. Your outline is also a guide which will keep you on the right path. In the early stages, your outline should be a, changing, working outline. You might want to begin by listing your personal feelings about the environmental issue and the reasons you feel that way. Next, gather any facts and figures which will make your paper convincing.
Follow all the guidelines on Owl Purdue Online Writing Lab using (APA Documentation), which includes an abstract.
Use (four or more good references). Only two can be from a web source unless approved. More TBA.

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