Environmental Science

Environmental Science
1. Review the key Questions and Concepts for the chapter on page 5. Define environment, Define and distinguish among environmental science, ecology and environmentalism. Define and distinguish between an organism and species. What is an ecosystem? What are the three principles that nature has used to sustain itself for at least 3.5 billion years?

2. Define natural capital, natural resources and natural services. Define nutrient cycling and explain why it is important. Describes how we can degrade natural capital. and how finding solutions to environmental problems involves making trade-offs. Explain why individuals matter in dealing with environmental problems we face.

3. What is resource? Distinguish between a perpetual resource and renewable resource and gi8ve and example of each. What is sustainable yield? Define and give two example of a nonrenewable resource. Distinguish between recycling and reuse and give an example of each. Distinguish between economic growth and economic development. Define and distinguish between gross domestic product (GDP) and per capital GDP. Distinguish between more ? developed countries and less ? developed countries and give example of high- income, a middle- income and a low ?income country.

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