The essay should show integration of academic theory with debate and discussion.
Choose one from the following questions:
1.Even if people do not take the enterprise culture seriously, even if they feel unaffected by its values and claims, they are inevitably reproducing it through their involvement with the daily practices which are imbued with the notion of enterprise (du Gay and Salaman, 1992). Evaluate this contention. OR:
2.To what extent could it be argued that entrepreneurship is driven by a masculine norm?
critical social sciences = structuring an argument

model answer – an example

1. introduction
show how you understand/interpret question
state debates/literatures you engage with
define terms (if required)
state your argument!!!
2. main body of text
[choose literatures you want to engage with]

use reading to construct argument

eg “Bloggs (1993) suggests that …
“By contrast, Smith (1994) poses an alternative…”
show: why you are using literature
how it supports your argument
refer to question as you go along
draw on your own experience
use illustrations/case studies etc.
3. conclusion
summarise main points succinctly
restate argument
implications of your argument?
own examples/illustration may be useful
give your conclusions!!!
show how you arrive at them
there are no right answers – construct an argument
analyse not describe
identify key themes/issues suggested by q.
use theory
draw on relevant examples/case studies
use own experience of work/org. as illustration
structure argument clearly
construct a plan from your reading
address the question!!!
show sensitivity to complexity
linkages between topic areas
good answers develop these links
academic sources not Wikipedia (or similar)
Specific points
deadline reminder!

draw on presentation work – if appropriate
give examples/illustrations/case studies
no penalty for non-native English
draw on wide range of readings from reading list
understand key arguments & apply them to question
explain & discuss any quotes
clarity of expression
accurate referencing

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