Entrepreneurial Marketing

Entrepreneurial Marketing

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1 A discussion of existing definitions of entrepreneurial marketing
2 An evaluation of how well your chosen organisation uses entrepreneurial marketing methods. For higher marks, you need to make sure you make the following clear
(backed up with evidence) in the context of your chosen organisation
3 What entrepreneurial marketing methods to they use?
4 How successfully do they implement these?
5 Recommendations on how they could improve their entrepreneurial marketing activities

The answers to these question will be spoken about in a vlog so a creative presentatin should be made with the

Use of examples
Recent examples
Visual evidence

So the questions would need to be answered then a very creative professional presentation would need to be made

My recommendation would be to choose a smaller business because it is very likely that smaller businesses will be more reliant on entrepreneurial methods, but if you
can find an example of larger business who engage in techniques you would consider to be entrepreneurial then by all means run with the idea. But it is strongly
recommended that you do not choose huge global organisations such as Apple, Google, Coca Cola etc as you may struggle to find enough content which falls under the
remit of entrepreneurial marketing.

Remember, you are moving away from traditional marketing techniques such as any print advertising, radio advertising , TV advertising, email campaigns, search engine
marketing, mobile banner ads etc. The emphasis needs to be on marketing methods that do not cost much money (but may require alot of time and energy), are creative,
innovative, defy convention/do something a bit different than expected. also all entrepreneurial methods need to have been used within the past 3-4 years .


The following are actively discouraged and will severely limit the marks awarded for use of format:
Basic presentations using presentation software (e.g. PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, Prezzi, Powtoons etc) with a voiceover

a creative piece and marks will be awarded for those that demonstrate creativity.



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