1. Introduction

This coursework is based on the Microsoft Excel based DSS component covered in the first teaching block of the term. It is intended that this coursework be carried out in groups, but you may work alone if you prefer. No additional credit will be given to those who choose to work alone.

2. Project specification

Each group is required to use Microsoft Excel to develop a Decision Support System (DSS) for a real or imaginary company of your own choice. The purpose of the system is to support planning and control.

3. Project stages

Stage 1: Choose a topic and collect source data.

The topic should be determined not only by your groups IT skills or your personal interest, but more importantly by your understanding of management and the role of a DSS in supporting management decisions.

You may find data from any source (e.g. a company report, a published case study or your own working experience). The data you use may be mainly financial, but other types of data may also be used.

Stage 2: Identify a problem domain in which a spreadsheet-based DSS can be used to support semi-structured or unstructured decisions. It is advisable that the nature of decision problem chosen lends itself to model based DSS solution.

Stage 3: Develop a conceptual model of the DSS. 50%

The conceptual DSS model should be developed on paper before you implement it in Excel. It must explain the following:

a)The purpose of the system (5 marks)
b)The intended users of the system (5 marks)
c)The data used i.e. sources of data (internal and external), what the data represent, what new data will be input by users and how (10 marks)
d)The functions of the system, including your own formulae, programming code and built-in functions (e.g. NPV or Scenarios) (15 marks)
e)The outputs from the system (10 marks)

Stage 4: Implement the system in Excel. 50%

The system should be developed in accordance with the specification of your conceptual model. It should include a user friendly interface, appropriate functions and relevant outputs.

4. Assignment Outputs

Your finished assignment should contain the following:

1.The conceptual model in .doc format.

2.The excel file.

Both files must be uploaded to moodle by the deadline mentioned above.

Before submitting the finished system, please test it to make sure that it will run on the University network computers. Also, make back-up copies of the system as you work.

5. Working Arrangement

As indicated earlier, this is a group activity. You should therefore work in groups of 3/4 for this assignment. The groupings are for you to determine, as you know who you can/cannot work with. Any exceptions to group sizes must be agreed in advance with your tutor.

6. Assessment Weighting

Conceptual model 50%
Excel based DSS- 50%

This assignment is also worth 50% of the whole unit.
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4. Assignment Outputs

Your finished assignment should contain the following:

1.The conceptual model in .doc format.

2.The excel file.

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