English Literature on ‘The Mystery of a Hansom Cab.’and ‘The Golden Shanty’



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2. Information Blog about the book ‘The Mystery of a Hansom Cab.’

3. Information Blog about ‘The Golden Shanty’

4. Henry Lawson – Can you take up a theme and explore how it works across a number of Lawson’s stories? Possible themes are: Loneliness, Meaninglessness, Death, Father/Son relationships, Identities and Masks, Morality as a game. Write a few paragraphs outlining how this theme is treated in Lawson’s work.

5. The Curse – What are the resonant images of the title? Make a list of things in this short story that disorient the reader. How is this an impressionist piece of writing (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Impressionism)? What techniques does it share with impressionism?

6. Prelude to Christopher – How does the novel deal with time? How might this be related to advances in thinking about time and physics during the first part of the 20th Century? You may want to reference relativity (Einstein) or Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle.

12. Patrick White’s ‘Miss Slattery and her Demon Lover.’ – Write a few paragraphs of notes that explore the language, significance, impact, formal qualities of the work. How does this poem get the reader to rethink certain basic assumptions about, say, Australia, identity, mateship, egalitarianism, masculinity/femininity.

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