english literature

english literature

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1. Read “A Visit of Charity” in Chapter 5. Answer questions after it. On page 134 (5th ed.) Choose two “Statement of Theme” for Welty’s “Charity” which you think best sums up “theme” (point or main message) of the story. For example, #3, ‘Searching for merit points is incompatible with a true spirit of chairty.”
2. Choose a short story in the textbook you like (it can be the one you suggested you would like the class to read or another in the textbook) and write a literary argument about it. Make a claim (a main point) and then support it with evidence from the lines in the story. You may use one of the literary schools of criticism in the Appendix, topics of literary studies in chapter 2, or literary issues in chapter 3, as your guide for an approach or perspective to base your argument on. Try to keep it to two pages (double spaced).

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