Topic: English

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Pre-Reading: “Shadowy Lines that Still Divide”; “When the Joneses Wear Jeans”

Assignment Length: No fewer than 500 words

Format: Times New Roman, 12 point font

Topic: Consider how one of the three following factors has influenced the ability of Americans to “succeed”: race, socio-economic status, or age.

Writing your essay: Begin by considering which of the three factors would make the most interesting exploration. Next, write a thesis statement which argues a particular point related to your chosen factor.

For example, “The ‘Class Matters’ series makes a good point about how difficult it can be to become wealthy when you are born into a poor family.”


“New immigrants to America have a more difficult time climbing the economic ladder than immigrants of the 1950s did.”

Based on your thesis statement, devise a three-paragraph outline which furthers three distinct arguments surrounding your main idea (thesis)
For example, “When people are born into families which are financially struggling, they often do not have access to the kinds of educational resources which can help them excel as adults.”

Further Writing:
After you outline your essay, you will complete a drafting process which includes a rough draft and a later, final draft. Please take time during the drafting process to consult with the writing center and even use their online services if necessary.

These are the instructions from my teacher. I just need a two page 5 paragraph essay that is at least 500 words. Below I will include two links to the reading material.

Shadowy Lines That Still Divide: https://nyti.ms/1Mf2j8E

When the Joneses Wear Jeans: https://nyti.ms/1HmlX1E

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