ENGL-104-202 – Technical Writing

ENGL-104-202 – Technical Writing
An Annotated References List is a collection of citations that includes explanatory information for each work cited. Perform secondary research on one of the following topics and compile an Annotated References List containing no less than 20 entries for sources that you think would be helpful in writing a term paper on the topic:

Sigmund Freud and the Origins of Psychoanalysis
General J.E.B. Stuart’s Role in the Battle of Gettysburg
Atlas Shrugged and the Objectivist Philosophy of Ayn Rand
Stem Cell Research and the Primacy of Life
The Evolution of Twentieth Century Skyscraper Construction Techniques
Mandatory Sentencing and the Role of the Judge
Louis Pasteur and the Germ Theory of Disease
Fat Man and Little Boy: The Origins of the Manhattan Project
Sylvia Beach and the Lost Generation
You can use any print or digital resources you want for your research, but the sources you choose must be authoritative and appropriate to your subject. In addition, the entries in your References list must include at least two books, at least two articles from periodicals or research databases, and at least two Internet resources.

You must format your Annotated List properly, using the correct APA style for each type of source. Consult the “APA Style” section in the Appendix: Reference Handbook chapter of Technical Communication or any of the other references in this module.

To provide the annotation in your list, add a sentence or two to the end of each entry, specifying why you think it is a reliable and appropriate source for your chosen topic, as in the following example:

Knowlson, J. (1996). Damned to fame: The life of Samuel Beckett. New York: Simon and Schuster. This is the definitive full-length biography of Beckett, the only one written with his approval and his cooperation.

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