Engineering Design & Management Implementation

You are working as design engineer at ACK. You get a Request for Proposal (RfP) from the School of Engineering (client). The RfP includes initially the design of a Movable Inclined Conveyor model. This model will be produced later by another production firm that is selected by the client.
The client (represented by your professor) has no constraints regarding the material to be used. Each member of the design team must individually develop a design idea, calculate reaction forces and forces at the joints, draw it with suitable CAD software including all necessary details, and submit it later as drawing folder. All dimensions must be in mm. Your design team needs to discuss advantages and disadvantages of each design idea, decide on one of the designs using an engineering method, and prepare the design and production documents. The group final design idea must be also analysed by performing detailed hand calculations. All detailed workshop and assembly drawings and documents need to be presented and submitted to the production team by the beginning of week 3.
Production teams must ensure that all necessary information to construct the model are received from the designer teams by the end of week 2.

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