Assignment Two:
For your second assignment you are required to write two 1,500 words reports. Each report needs
to critically evaluate the statistical methodology used in a research paper of your choice in the area
of business, management, HR or economics. The research paper has to be an academic journal
In order to be successful in this assignment you need to research the chosen statistical method. The
statistical method chosen has to be more advanced than just simple descriptive statistics (i.e. mean,
variance, standard deviation). Once you researched the statistical method you need to discuss
whether or not the method delivers what the academic paper claims it does. In other words, you
need to be critical of the method and explain the pros and cons of the chosen method with respect
to topic of the paper.
Finally, in order to make this report a literature review you need to compare the results of the first
paper with the results of at least one different paper on the same topic.
You are required to do this twice. Moreover, the chosen papers have to be different from
assignment 1. You cannot use the same statistical method twice in this assignment. The deadline is
25 January 2015, 11.59pm. Submission via turn it-in only. This assignment is worth 60% of the final
Possible structure:
There is no, single ‘right way’ or writing your review. However, you may find it helpful to follow this
A brief introduction, saying what the focus of your paper is and how you are going to develop it in
the paper:
A main part: (you might find it useful to refer to the lecture slides to help you organise your ideas for
this section)
Conclusion: A brief summary of the points you have made throughout your paper and your overall
assessment of the article.
Marking scheme:
A: 14-16: An excellent paper that demonstrates a thorough understanding of different research
approaches (statistical methodologies) and their relevance for practitioner managers involved in
influencing day to day policy and practices. Your paper is very well structured, each themes is
developed carefully, drawing on theory and applying it convincingly to the realities of the workplace.
B: 11-13: A very good paper. You have clearly identified the different statistical approaches to
research and also clearly presented their strengths and limitations. You show good understanding of
how they might be relevant in practice.
C: 8-10: A promising paper. Your paper demonstrates some understanding of statistical research
methods and you can see how they might have some relevance to working managers. Your
arguments may not be entirely clear. You have perhaps had some difficulties in understanding these
different research approaches fully and your analysis may be more descriptive and lack precision.
D: 5-7: A rather weak paper but with some potential : Your paper makes some good points and
shows some understanding of the statistical research methods and their relevance for managers but
also some misunderstandings and lack of clarity. You may have relied on reproducing large ‘chunks
‘of quotations form books or article, or it may be the reverse; drawing on very little theory at all. The
theories you do draw on may not be well understood . Your written English may be confusing in
E: 4: Your paper does not demonstrate understanding of research methods nor of their relevance for
managers. You may have relied very heavily on reproducing ‘chunks’ to text. These might not always
be properly referenced. Your written English may be hard to follow.
F: 2: An extremely poor paper demonstrating very limited understanding of research methods.


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