Engaging music audience

Construct an outline for your essay. This should be about one full page in length. It can be handwritten.
The first paragraph will state the performances you chose to review, along with any relevant information about why you chose those selections.
The middle paragraphs should contain details about specific songs or qualities of the performance. Each middle paragraph will have a topic sentence, and the preceding sentences in that paragraph will provide details about that topic sentence. Since you are reviewing five performances, A good way to structure the essay would be one paragraph for each performance. But, if you have a lot to say about a particular performance, you might end up writing two paragraphs about a particular performance.
The final paragraph should summarize the overall impact of the concert experience. The final paragraph is the best place to state overall opinion or conjecture.
Sample Report Outline and Structure
Here is an example of a student Concert Report Outline. This will give you a sense of the layout. The most important thing here is structure. The outline is to make sure that your paragraph structure is in place. Probably, you will have one introduction paragraph, followed by one paragraph for each music selection you observed, and a concluding paragraph. Additionally, you may want to include other paragraphs if you want to write a lot about a particular performance.
● Johnny Cash
● Austin, Tx
● January 3rd, 1987
● Johnny was older
● Indoor venue
● Small/Medium
● Mellow audience
Paragraph 2
● “Folsom Prison”
● Major
● Dancing = swaying
● Rockabilly
● Audience loud clapping & a few cheers
● Piano, guitar, bass, drums
● Johnny Cash —> singing + playing guitar
Paragraph 3
● “The Ballad of Barbara”
● 17th Century England Melody
● Major
● Drums, guitar, bass, harmonica
● Dancing = swaying
● Bass solo
● Instrumental ending
● Johnny Cash —> singing
Paragraph 4
● “Where Did We Go Right”
● Dave Loggins wrote
● June Carter Cash Duet
● June Carter Cash: medium-high range
● Quick accent to “where”
● Johnny Cash had more emotion
● Johnny Cash —> singing
● Concert successful
● No crazy yelling fans
● His minimal movement was not what I expected, maybe because he was older
● Started talking to audience before each song, explaining songs/origins
● Talked about his band
● Seemed really nice
Grading Rubric


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