Energy Crisis-Then and Now

Energy Crisis-Then and Now

Readings in World Civilizations

Energy Crises, Then and Now: Based on “An Early Energy Crisis and Its Consequences” on pages 97–110, compare and contrast
the energy crisis in Britain with today’s energy crisis. In your opinion, what are the similarities and differences?
For this paper, you’re going to look at the reasons that caused the energy crisis in Britain and how the people reacted to the idea of
the proposed alternative fuel. In addition, you’ll discuss what economic events were brought on when Britain finally embraced the
change. Next, you’ll discuss the current fate of the United States. What has brought us to our current energy crisis? What are our
alternatives and what may our futures hold if and when we embrace these alternative energy sources?

Format Your Paper
To format your project, use a standard font such as Times New Roman, 12 point. Set the margins at the standard one (1) inch on
all sides. If necessary, use the Help feature on your word-processing program to learn how to set up the font and margins and how
to create the required header. In the header, provide the following information in the format shown below.
Provide a cover sheet with the following information:
• Your name and student number
• The following information:
• Submitted for course number SSC 105BA
• Readings in World Civilization
• Current date (for example, July 25, 20XX)

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