End of life care in the ICU

End of life care in the ICU

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NB. Please do not include a conclusion to the paper.

Watch the 2 part series of ‘Mohammed’s story’ to be uploaded. Reflect on which issues arose for you when viewing the video, then select one area of practice from the list provided (end of life care in the ICU) to write a paper for grading. Include in the paper a rationale for your choice.
Critically review the issues raised from the video and your literature around the subject and prepare a well formulated clear argument, reflecting how this applies to your own clinical practice. Make clear justification for your recommendations for practice based upon the literature. Please avoid critiquing the practice you saw in the video as that is not the purpose of the paper. The video provides context only on which to base your thoughts around the topic.

Prepares a written paper critically analyzing the selected issue
Makes reference to issues pertinent to ‘Mohammed’s story’ around the topic theme
Outlines main issues, developing a well formulated argument
Integrates and compares evidenced based literature throughout to support discussion
Critiques own nursing practice and that in which practice occurs and proposes recommendations for the future
Writes clearly and logically, using an appropriate academic writing style and Harvard referencing in text and in the reference list

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