Employer Brand


The project involves identifying DISNEY and reviewing how well this company is managing its Employer Brand.

Conduct a review of how well the company is engaged in each one of the 2 steps that are listed below.
You will go to the document entitled GD_EmployerBrand_eBook to look for what should be included in the two steps below.

Bring it to life with photos and videos
Propagate the message

One slide per for each one

Also, to get guidelines on what each slide should have, please refer to the GD EmployerBrand PDF that is attached.

i have also added in guidelines and the rubric for the overall project. Sources that are recommended to use to fin the information are also listed in the

guidelines document. But they are not limited to just those.

Information, pictures, videos should only be put on the slides.

Sources used should be included in the notes section of each slide it belongs to. (As many sources as you want to include are fine)

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