Employee Resourcing Assignment (Human Resourcing Management)

Employee Resourcing Assignment (Human Resourcing Management)

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Employee Resourcing Assignment (Human Resourcing Management)
Recruitment agencies are outside firms who go and find suitable candidates for employers. A recruitment agency acts as an intermediary between an organization that is looking to employ someone and an individual who is looking for a job. Employers need the right people, but often they don’t have the time or expertise to go and find the possible candidate themselves, that is why employers use recruitment agencies.
According to the CIPD’s 2008 Recruitment, retention and turnover survey, 78% of employers in 2007 used recruitment agencies to attract and recruit employees. Historically the relationship between employers and recruitment agencies have been marred by a range of pressures and degrees of mistrust from both sides. Today businesses are seeing a shift towards the desire for a ‘partnership’ relationship between employers and recruitment agencies to build and maintain productive relationships. The use of recruitment agencies is popular in the following sectors;
a) Social care sector
b) Retail sector
c) Hospitality sector
Select one of the above mentioned sectors, conduct research and write a report addressing the following questions:

1) Identify the role of a recruitment agency.

(200 words)

2) Discuss the reasons why an employer in this sector would choose to use recruitment agency.
(650 words)
3) Discuss the criteria an employer should use to select an agency to recruit for them. You should refer to any relevant best practices in the sector. For example; Legal implication, cost, trust, expertise, market reputation and so on.
(650 words)
4) Analyse what HR department and agencies can do to build a good relationship between them. In your discussion, you should include equal opportunities, health and safety, data management and related operational issues.
(500 words)

(Total word limit: 2000 words)

In the support of your discussion, you should use with examples, academic quotes and any relevant literatures.

Standard Report Structure

1. Title Page

2. Contents Page

3. An Introduction

4. The Main Body of the Report

5. Conclusions

6. Recommendations

7. List of References

8. The Appendices (if any)

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