Employee Free Choice Act and Secret Ballot Protection Act


Employee Free Choice Act and Secret Ballot Protection Act


Describe two arguments in support of the proposed Employee Free Choice Act and
two arguments in favor of the current Secret Ballot Protection Act. Which would you
personally support and why? Would your response differ if you were a manager versus
an employee? Consider your right to secret ballot elections as a US citizen- Do you
think this is applicable?

Provide a minimum of two scholarly references to support your discussion-


Type: Times New Roman, 12 pt, Double Spaced

State the question single-spaced at the top of the page.

Minimum Length per question is one (1) FULL page this does NOT include references-
(Class go to Format > then Paragraph > then Spacing: “before” and “after” is “0″ pt-
Line spacing is “double”- Some students had “12” and “18” for “after”. You do not
have a full page of discussion if half of your page is extra spaces – nice try but it
doesn’t fly;-)-

Please try not to exceed two pages per question as I have such limited time to submit
final grades- Thank you!

Reference Page Required

In text Citations Required

APA Format Required

No Abstract, header or footer

Scholarly References do NOT include any type of Dictionaries, Wikipedia,
Encyclopedias or remote newspapers. You may use them, but they will not count
toward your 2 references.

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