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Introduction and background notes (vocational context) All learners, regardless of their level of education or experience, require honed employability Skills in order to successfully enter and progress in the health and social care sector. This unit gives learners an opportunity to assess and develop an understanding of their own responsibilities and performance in or when entering the workplace. This assignment is about assessing your preparation for employment in health and social care. Through writing of this assignment you are required to demonstrate that you have a good grasp of the skills that are needed to successfully perform your roles and responsibilities in a health and social care sector work environment. It consists of the skills required for general employment, such as interpersonal skills and transferable skills. Also this requires you to have an ability to work with others in teams or groups, including leadership and communication skills. Moreover, through writing of this assignment will enable you to assess the understanding of the day-to-day issues at your workplace and therefore being able to solve problems.
Assignment Scenario:
In order to carry out this assignment, you have worked or are currently working in a care home. You are to provide a brief profile of the care home with the course final report submission (one page either in the appendix or as a preamble). Your line manager has asked you to contribute in the writing of the organisation’s annual report which is a comprehensive report that will allow internal and external stakeholders to further understand what your organisation is all about. All the tasks in this coursework assignment are all based on your own personal scenario in the context of your organisation as described above but your discussion should be supported by relevant theories and concepts.
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What you must do
All of the answers for LO1 – LO4 should be focused on your own personal scenario in the context of the care home as described above but your discussion should be supported by relevant theories and concepts.
Task 1: LO1 Be able to determine own responsibilities and performance. (1000 recommended maximum word report) What you must do: Write a report
1.1 develop a set of own responsibilities and performance objectives [P1.1, M1] 1.2 evaluate own effectiveness against defined performance objectives in task 1.1. [P1.2, D1] 1.3 Using a specific situation you may have encountered, make recommendations for improvement [P1.3] 1.4 Review how you would use motivational techniques to improve quality of performance [P1.4]

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