Employability Skills Assessment

Topic: Employability Skills Assessment
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Employability Skills Assessment (25%)

Complete the Employability Skills Recognition Framework.

It is important for you to realise that many of the skills and experiences you have formulated in this and your other modules, have a direct impact on your future employability. Employers expect you to recognise and understand the transferrable skills employers appreciate.

We can’t be the best at everything so knowing where your personal strengths and weaknesses are allows you to exploit strengths and minimise weaknesses.

As instructed in part 4 try to use less than 500 words. You are expected to cite scholarly works on graduate employability issues specific to the sector you hope to be employed in.

Submission Date:- Monday 14th December 2015 by 2pm

All three assessment expectations will be discussed throughout in the lectures.

My employability skills assessment Entrepreneurship ULMS252

Employability skills refer to those types of skills and attributes that are required in virtually any form of employment. These include:
?Communication skills

?Team work

?Problem solving

?Self management

?Planning and organising

?Use of technology

?Learning ability

?Initiative and enterprise

The following worksheet contains a series of statements related to each of these categories for your personal assessment.

1.Using a highlighter, highlight those statements in each category which you believe represent an area of strength for you.

2.From all the statements you’ve highlighted list below your 5 strongest skills

3.At the top of the worksheet page you will see a number of personal attributes listed. In the space below, list the 3 personal attributes which are most like you.
4. Having mapped your personal employability strengths and transferable skills, briefly explain how those skills and experiences will be an asset to an employer in the sector you wish to build a career in. Try to use less than 500 words and reference scholarly works accordingly.

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