Embryonic stem cell research

Primary sources: At least 3 unbiased primary sources; 1 must be a peer-reviewed scientific journal article; the
others can be other primary sources (for example, you may wish to refer to current laws, policies, or annual
reports related to your issue of choice). Encyclopedias (e.g. Wikipedia and the like) are not primary sources,
but may be a good starting point for finding the primary sources you need (see references at the bottom of
each article).
Secondary sources: You can use some secondary sources. If you are using magazine/ newspaper/ internet
articles or other similar secondary sources, you must include a description about any bias in the source and
you should briefly examine any sources that are referenced in the article to ensure that the information is
correct. Please ask me if you are having trouble deciding whether a source is appropriate or if you need help
finding sources. All sources must have a brief description as to how they pertain to your topic for full credit. I
only need two reliable and credible sources for my part of the project.

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