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Advanced Macroeconomic Theory
Winter 2015

• The purpose of this exercise is to apply the relevant principles, ideas, and concepts covered in this course to the analysis of a real world event or issue.
• You are required to write a short paper (4-5 pages total) based on ONE of the following two topics.
Topic #1
The common thread or topic of this course is growth theory, that is, various economic theories that describe the growth of an economy in the long-run and very long-run. These theories can be used to describe if the standard of living is improving in the very long-run and why this is or is not the case.

Canada already has a fairly good standard of living. Does this make growth theory less relevant to Canadians and only of interest to people from less developed countries? Explain in detail why you feel what you do. Also make reference to models and outcomes studied in this course to assist with your reasoning.

Topic #2
Neoclassical models of growth such as the Solow Model, Ramsey-Cass-Koopmans Model, or growth accounting are examples of what is sometimes called exogenous growth theory, as the very long-run growth rate of the standard of living is exogenous to these models. Other newer models attempt to endogenize the rate of real very long-run economic growth. Make specific reference to models and outcomes studied in this course to describe, from the perspective of policy makers, why is it important to create and continue to modify endogenous growth models?

Basic requirements:
– 2-3 pages: typed, double spaced with font size 12.
– Reports must include: A cover page AND a list of sources used (neither of these count towards the 2-3 page count total mentioned above – hence the 4-5 page total page count mentioned earlier).

1) It is important that you cite all materials that you use (including web pages, i.e. cite the name of the web site and the URL address).
2) It is important that the report be written carefully, clearly and concisely. This paper is about the quality of your discussion and arguments rather than the quantity of material you present.

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