Electronic Commerce Business Interfaces

Electronic Commerce Business Interfaces

Question 1:
A. What is the difference between e-commerce and e-business. Explain.
B. Name 4 different types of e-commerce and give a brief explanation of each

Question 2:
A. What is meant by the “Technology Stack” for e-business? Show this in a small diagram and give a brief explanation.
B. Draw the supply chain for a company than manufactures Cola Drinks and distributes them to retail outlets, and the public through online sales. Show upstream and downstream supply.

Question 3
A. What are the dimensions of e-commerce (in terms of looking at the difference between pure e-commerce and traditional commerce). List the dimensions and give a brief explanation of each. Additionally, below the explainations draw a simple 3-D block diagram and show where Pure e-commerce and traditional commerce sit in relation to each other.

B. Diagram

Question 4
A. How can e-commerce utilize IT to improve on the value chain for business
B. What is an e-business strategy? Name at least 2 questions that an e-commerce strategic plan should answer
C. Name and write a brief sentence on 3 e-commerce critical success factors

Question 5
A. Discuss briefly the difference between Symmetric Cryptography and Asymmetric Cryptography. What is the key difference?
B. Outline briefly the process of how digital certificates are used to ensure secure communication for e-commerce applications on the Web.
C. Draw a diagram showing a multi-tiered architecture used for developing web-based applications your diagram.

Question 6
A. The diagram below represents different phases that both customers and suppliers go through when goods are ordered online through an e-commerce system. Indicate on the diagram, by drawing the information flows, where an e-commerce system may use the Web for interaction. Annotate the information flows.
B. Using the diagram above as an example, explain the components of EDI.
C. Where in the above diagram would EDI be used? Explain.

Question 7
Healthy Pets, is a company that takes orders for a special healthy brand of pet food and distributes the orders through a courier company. The order can be entered online through the e-commerce system or over the phone. Phone orders are taken by an order clerk who determines what the order is and then inputs this into the e-commerce system. You need to be a member to use the online – system, so phone order shipments are sent a membership from with the order. Members receive a discount. The e-commerce system automatically sends a copy of the order to the warehouse for processing and to accounting for billing arrangements. In the warehouse the order goes through a filling processing and then a shipping process where a courier company is contacted for the final delivery. Customers can pay via the online payment system or by contacting a payment office who arranges the payment via credit card.

Based on this case
A. Develop a Use Case model.
B. Create an Activity Diagram for modeling the workflow of this case.

Question 8
For the following use case, develop the sequence diagrams for the Normal Flow of events, Alternative 1 and for the Alternative 2 flow of events.
A. Sequence Diagram for Normal Flow of Events
B. Sequence Diagram for Alternative 1 Flow of Events
C. Sequence Diagram for Alternative 2 Flow of Events


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