Egon Schiele

Egon Schiele

Project description
The essay question is as follow:

write a performative text about an exhibition or an artwork or an artist. Then reflect on this text critically, in an effort to collapse ‘distinctions by which

creative and critical writings are typical isolated’ ( Della Pollock, Performative Writing)

The subject of the question i have chosen is Egon Schiele : The radical nude exhibtion
I was thinking of writing a performative text about Egon Schiele exhibi
tion , the Radical Nudes. The exhibition era of paintings were in the 1910s its limited to a certain era. please look closely at the art work of egon in that

exhibition. There would need to be elements of Della pollock performative writing as well.

The below is a guideline essay structure given to me by our professor :

The structure of the essay is as follows:
what is my question?
how am i going to focus my argument- do i need to create a more focused question within a broader question?
why am i interested in this question? what material do i want to cover to explore this question?

Should say what you are going to explore in the essay. State clearly the theoretical models that are going to be examined, your case studies, examples and structure.

Setting out the key terms.
if your essay is on a particular theoretical idea or term give a short summary of the way in which key theorist , have presented it and how this relates to your

research question. Don’t summarise whole essays without a particular focus. You can continue to engage with a theoretical term of essay in conjunction with your case

studies, you don’t have to present details here.

Series of case studies.
That examine both images and text in the creation of an argument. You can do this thematically, or by a series of art works or series of artist. Remember to link the

sections your essay together . why have you decided to look at this range of examples? why have you chosen to look at a work from the 1970s along a work from the

1990s? why have you chosen to cite a novel as well as analyse a painting? why are you looking at artworks from britan, france, and italy? you can start to compare the

examples with each other to make sure your argument builds rather than a series of unrelated episodes.

this should say what you have discovered through the investigation of artwork theoretical ideas how have different examples led to different and or similar

conclusions? how have your examples expanded, contradicted or confirmed your initial questions?


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