Effects of Violent Video Game Consumption on Aggressive Behavior

Effects of Violent Video Game Consumption on Aggressive Behavior

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GUIDELINE FOR PROPOSAL: This handout is intended to help you structure and organize your proposal. It is impossible to make it too explicit and detailed — the more specific, the better. Think of it as a grant proposal to some funding agency. You are trying to convince some agency or foundation of the importance of your project. You are writing for an intelligent reader, but one who knows nothing about the subject you are studying or about any previous research on it. Your task is to tell that reader everything he or she needs to know about the topic.

INTRODUCTION: A brief, general statement about the focus of the study,
including why it is important and how you propose to conduct it (survey of 120 students by questionnaire). Think of
this as a summary or abstract of the entire proposal.

RATIONALE: A more detailed elaboration of the theoretical background of your
study. This section should explain and justify the need to do research on
your topic, and fit it into some larger context. In other words, you should
explain both the specific aims of your original research and also discuss
its larger, more general significance.

LITERATURE REVIEW (PREVIOUS RESEARCH): A critical discussion of previous
research on your topic. It is unlikely to include all major previous studies, but it should deal with a sufficient number to indicate that this is an ongoing area of concern (minimum: 11 academic articles). Do not simply report the results of these studies. Describe what the authors did to reach their conclusions, and assess any methodological flaws, limitations, or threats to the validity of their findings and inferences.

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