Effective Publicity Campaigns

Topic: Effective Publicity Campaigns

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Billboards, public transport placards, television ads, media programs, websites, and social media are all resources used to deliver messages. Some messages are burned in our minds, and some are not. As an issue gains momentum, the prevalence of such messages increases. In this week’s Discussion, you evaluate publicity campaigns to inform decisions your group might consider when developing a publicity campaign for your group’s topic.

To prepare for this Discussion:

Review Chapter 8 in the Loeb (2010) soul of a citizen course text for insights into community mobilization and related influences on decisions for publicity campaigns.
Select a current or relatively recent example of a publicity campaign associated with a social issue in which you are interested or involved.
Evaluate the publicity campaign. What mediums, messages, and techniques did the campaign employ and what made it effective?
With these thoughts in mind.

Post by Day 4 your evaluation of the effectiveness of the publicity campaign you selected. Conclude your posting with insights you have gained about publicity campaigns and effective dissemination of information that could inform your group’s publicity campaign.

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