: Educational Software for Guiding Instruction (ESGI) Assessments


Order Description
Rubric for Research paper on the ESGI Testing Assessment for Pre-K through 1st Grade.
(I will also need a Power Point Presentation to go along with this Research Paper.)

Paper will need to be 5 – 7 pages in length.

Brief history of the creator of the Software program.

Criteria Ratings Pts

A minimum of four sources are used.
10 pts
Sources represented more than one point of view.
4 pts
High quality sources were utilized.
6 pts
Paper is written in APA format.
10 pts
Paper is grammatically correct.
10 pts
The paper cites sources of information so that the author does not plagiarize.
10 pts
The paper contains a reference page with all sources listed.
10 pts
Introduction: The student introduced all areas to be covered in the paper in a concise manner.
10 pts
Body: The research base was adequate and thorough.
10 pts
Conclusion: The student reviewed all major concepts in a concise manner.
10 pts
Readability: The paper was well organized and easy to read.

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