Education in developing countries

Education in developing countries

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A essay of no more than 3000 words which chooses one of the following questions to answer on the basis of education. It is in the writer’s freedom to choose whichever question he/she wants to write, **Please tell me which you have chosen so I can give you specific topic lecture notes/slides. **Although we are only on week 5 of module, I may not be able to provide information on all topics.

Please select from one of the following questions:

a) Assess the impact of colonialism and/or neo-colonialism on education in a developing country of your choice.

b) Educational opportunity and outcomes remain unequal in many developing countries. Discuss in relation to one of the following groups:

• children from poor backgrounds
• girls
• rural children
• children with SEN

c) Critically assess the impact of the ‘Education for All’ initiative on education policy and provision in the developing world.

d) A significant number of children attending primary school in the least developed countries experience a very poor standard of teaching and learning. Discuss.

e) Critically examine the impact of armed conflict on education in a developing country of your choice.

Learning outcomes covered: a, b, c & d

Essay word length: a maximum of 3000 words.

Please cover the specified learning outcomes of the module:

a) critically assess the impact of colonialism, neo-colonialism and globalisation on the development of education in developing countries;

b) analyse the barriers to equality of opportunity in education in developing countries;

c) critically evaluate the key factors influencing the development of the education system;

d) assess the range of factors influencing teaching, learning and assessment in schools in developing countries.

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