Education for sustainability

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A truly sustainable community is alive — fresh, vital, evolving, diverse, dynamic. It supports the health and quality of life of present and future generations while living within the limits of its social and natural systems. It recognizes the need for justice, and for physical, emotional, intellectual, cultural, and spiritual sustenance (

For this task, you will need to select at least three unit readings and make use of unit content and additional readings (as required for the task) to develop your understanding of education for sustainability. Make sure that you look critically at the concept of education for sustainability: what are the limitations and possibilities of education for sustainability? How can we shift from a superficial understanding of the task of education to a deeper level to create sustainable communities at all scales and in diverse contexts?

Please note that while you will need to select a minimum of three readings as your core readings, you can include additional readings if necessary. It is not the number of readings but the way in which you make use of readings to demonstrate your understanding – you can achieve a high distinction with three carefully selected readings but your text will have to include critical analysis for a high mark. It is highly likely that HD assignments include more than three references because even if you focus on three core readings, you will possibly want to make reference to other readings to further support your analysis/discussion.

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