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Please take a look my previous submission to the professor and the feedback he is written. He needs to write in situated for the professor to approve it . I don’t want to change the topic. I completed my Thesis, but appendix is missing. Plz. see the comments from the professour.Here are your two options:
1) Rewrite your RRA to reflect the use of human subjects. Attach the interview questions you will use with the RRA. After your RRA is approved you will have to interview these people again, since you conducted interviews without an approved RRA. DO NOT INTERVIEW WITHOUT AN APPROVED RRA.

2) Keep your RRA as it is and rewrite your capstone without the interview data. In this case you will need to create the Handbook collecting information on best practices in doing a handbook.

3) This has to be completed by the end of the class which is December 4th.

If you do not do either number 1 or number 2 you will receive an E in the class. The e is only on the options above and not an approval of the capstone which will have to be read and graded.

The Capstone guide is clear about the process for the RRA and conducting research. See p.27 of Guide to the Capstone below:

Research Review (RRA/IRB) Approval
Collecting data from human participants generally requires that the researcher apply for and receive ethical approval from a responsible ethical approval agency.

You may not collect data without written approval from CMU and also perhaps from your employer or other organization. Your capstone monitor must see the approval letter from either the MA in Education Office (Research Review Application) or the Institutional Review Board (IRB) Office (IRB Application) before you are permitted to proceed with your capstone. A copy of your RRA or IRB approval is included in an appendix of your final project submission.

NOTE: If you are using human subjects and proceed to collect data without the appropriate approval, you are in violation of federal regulations and put yourself, the subjects, and Central Michigan University at risk. This process must be followed so that we remain in compliance with the federal regulations regarding the use of human subjects in research.

Please be advised that if you proceed with a capstone project involving human subjects without having received proper approval, and are issued a grade for that project and the course, the grade will be rescinded and you will have to retake the course and conduct a new study. This will cost you time and money, and will delay graduation.

Be sure that you have a solid, approved plan for data collection and analysis before starting your RRA or IRB application process.


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