Editorial Hot topics in advertising research

Topic: Editorial Hot topics in advertising research

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Please read the article by Taylor (2013). The article is written by the editor of International Journal of Advertising, a respected academic journal in the marketing communication field. The goal of the article is to identify 8 major “hot topics” in advertising for the next future. Many references and research contributes are mentioned in the article, if you feel that you might need any of them to complete your assignment, I will be happy to help you find them.
What is the central issue of the article? Do you agree? Argument your answer.
Considering the 8 hot topics identified by the authors, if you were an advertiser, which topic (e.g. communication tool) you would you use for which industry/product? Which tool for which customer segment? Argument your answer with examples (images, links to video, ..) and evidences (data, reports, charts..) also based from company/industry experience.
Among the trends identified by the authors, identify two of them that according to you are is worth of major consideration. In other words, if you were an advertiser, to which communication tools would you dedicate most your attention? Argument your answer explaining why and providing examples.

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