Ecotourism in the Galapagos Islands – Positive and Negative on The Local Environment

Ecotourism in the Galapagos Islands – Positive and Negative on The Local Environment

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Include a minimum of 5 references (NOT abstracts), properly cited throughout the paper (NOT just listed at the end) with any consistent format. Do NOT include encyclopedia type references or sources as Wikipedia, and the Encyclopedia Britannica. They do NOT count. These provide you with background information or clarification and are not considered to be primary, legitimate references. You may use them of course, but they are not to be counted among the 5 ‘official’ references. A large portion of your grade comes from evaluating the references (and your citations of them). Please ask me if you are unsure about this.

Direct quotes are to be kept to an absolute minimum, or, preferably, eliminated altogether. At this stage in your careers, you must be able to synthesize and paraphrase. There must be no copying of someone else’s words. Please use your own words. Do not use concepts that you do not understand.

Properly structured:
a) introduction of the problem/issue
b) You must target some type of controversy on this issue
b) Supportive documentation/evidence for both sides of this particular issue
c) Include personal reactions, experiences, and opinions
d) Significance of the issue, why is it important?
This presentation (which you will present orally), the equivalent of 7-9 FULL typed pages double-spaced. Cover pages, illustrations, quotes, etc. do not count toward these 9-10 pages. If you prefer, you may read the ENTIRE manuscript to the class.

When you send me the first draft, please include your references inside the paper.
You must hand in the following after your Contemporary Topic oral presentation a short one paragraph, (<1 page review) of your presentation to give to your classmates.

For EACH of the following serious errors, you will receive a FULL ONE LWTTER GRADE DEDUCTION:
a) Papers that do not meet the required length (and I want at least 5-6 pages for your rough draft).
b) Improper citation style: both with your citation style within the text and at the end in your list of References/Sources Cited. Use either MLA or APA, which ever you are most familiar with. Be careful with internet citations.
c) Full letter grade deduction for not incorporating my edits/suggestions after your rough draft.

9) Grading Criteria: NOTE that 30% of your grade of your Research Paper is derived from timely submittal of an approved topic (5% of 40%) and a ROUGH draft (25% of 40%).
10) NOTE: NO Extra Credit for this Course. Write a great paper!

Contemporary Topics are to be used as a baseline for class discussion, so there MUST be some controversy in your presentation. To receive a grade of C, your presentation will accurately summarize the appropriate literature. Therefore, a ‘Book Report’ gets a grade of C. If you are able to target a controversy, to present a defendable ‘thesis’ and to offer personal thoughts and viewpoints (and/or alternative views), you will receive a grade of B. If you are able to include a discussion of ‘So What’?!, you will receive a grade of A. The ‘So What?’ refers to why this particular topic is important, or at least…why you might think the topic is important. Remember, to receive and A, you need to have met the criteria for ‘C’ and ‘B’. Likewise, to receive a ‘B’, you must meet the criteria for a ‘C’. ALSO: The use of proper scientific references from journals or books is the only way you can get a grade of ‘A’ or ‘B’. We do not want opinion pieces or creative writing; we want evidence, real data and scientific research.

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