Economic Anthropology;Stone Age Economics.

Economic Anthropology;Stone Age Economics.

Book Report Format

Read this book: Stone Age Economics
Write an essay base on this book following Instruction.
It will serve to demonstrate your comprehensive understanding of the material that has been presented in this class. Therefore, it will not simply be a summary of the book you chose to read. Summary: This should include a detailed analysis of the text; where was the research conducted, why was it conducted, how long was the study conducted for, etc.
The following questions need to be answered.
What theory/ies does the author appear to be following? Is this theory discussed in your textbook? If so, what do the authors (both the monograph and text) have to say about it? Do you agree with their assessment? Do the monograph authors address some of the key points/stages in the history of economic anthropological history? What are they?
How was the data collected? Was it through ethnographic fieldwork? Archives? A combination of both? What does the author/s say about their fieldwork (personal reflections)?
If the book lacks significant theoretical information, you will need to glean it for yourself. What theories does the monograph seem to be following?
These questions will provide some indication of how to write this. That being said, I am looking for 1) a concise summary of the book and 2) your comprehension of most of the material from class and how it fits with the chosen book.
Proper cite. Must have in Text Citations include book page numbers.

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Content below are about course materials, you can brief read them, may be help.

List of Some reading from Course (All upload to additional files)
The Gift
The Spirit of Capitalism
Is the Peasantry
The Promise of Global Institutions
Capital, Savings and Credit
Political Economy of Alienation
Gifting, Reciprocity, Saving, and credit in peasant Oaxaca

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