Eco-tourism in Norway

The Norwegian Fjords found themselves amongst the top 5 ecotourism destinations in the world in 2014, according to the Independent Traveller. Norway has managed to regulate hunting, fishing, and petroleum extractions efficiently. Villagers have also managed to maintain their traditions and show them to the world with pride. A number of eco-activities have been developed by organisations owned by various stakeholders.

• What are the reasons why the Norwegian government allows private organisations to develop eco-tourism activities?
• What character would ecotourism policies and planning in Norway take so that they comply with the eco-image the government wants to create?
• Which areas of the touristic product of the country would those policies need to permeate?
• What room for PPP (Public Private Partnership) projects can you identify? Who might be involved in it? Why?
• Do you see any room for further development? How do you see ecotourism evolving in Norway in the future? Why? What problems might they face?

The Learning Outcomes to be covered in this part of the assignment are:

Module Learning Outcomes
3. Synthesise for presentations, different forms of secondary data for devising and judging the merits of current tourism policies. ?
5. Critically appraise and evaluate the strategic impact of ecotourism on different worldwide destinations. ?

Supplementary sources of information:

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