Earth Science

Earth Science


Title Page
Paragraph format
1 ” margins
12-point font
6 pages in length
Proper citations (APA style)


Any topic in the Earth Science such as glaciers, earthquakes, plate tectonics, severe weather, like the Big Bang Theory, the fossil record, the age of the earth/ universe, the Genesis Flood, etc.


This assignment will give you an opportunity to gain a greater understanding for a specific area of Earth Science that we couldn’t go in much detail with during the course. Obviously, you will enjoy this assignment to the degree you choose a topic that interests you.


Sentence 1: Topic sentence
Sentence 2: Main point 1
Sentence 3-4: Supporting details
Sentence 5: Main point 2
Sentence 6-7: Supporting details
Etc.: And so on . . .
Last sentence: A summary statement


Use a minimum of eight sources to support your main points. You may use web sites, your textbook, magazines, the Bible, or other books. Use APA Guidelines.


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