Early History of America

Early History of America

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Exam III (Chapters 8-12)

Write long essays of one to one and a half pages each on four of the questions.  Include a picture with each essay and tell how specific things in the picture relate to the history we are studying.

1.    The Constitution.  Explain why some leaders were not satisfied with the Articles of Confederation.  Describe key ideas discussed in framing the Constitution.  Why did leaders such as Madison advocate for the Constitution?  Why did others oppose it?

2.    Early Republic.  Examine three key leaders in Chapters 9 and 10.  How did they address the challenges facing the country?  What do you find that is similar—or different—in their plans for the new nation?

3.    The Market Economy.  Explain how America changed economically in the early to mid 1800s with new transportation systems, factories, commercial farms, and growing cities.  What problems and opportunities came with change?  (Use Chapters 11 and 12.)

4.    Politics in the Age of Jackson.  How did American politics change in the 1820s and 1830s?  Why was Jackson such a prominent figure?  Explain a few of the political issues of that era.  How are the political events of that era similar to modern times?

5.    Reform.  Why were so many people trying to improve the society in the early and middle 1800s?  Explain three movements designed to change individuals or society as a whole.  How were these movements related to larger social and economic trends?  (Chs. 11 and 12)

6.    What would you do?   If you were around in the early to mid 1800s, what do you think you would do to deal with the immense changes in America?  Join a utopian community? Join a reform movement?  Vote for the Whigs?  Relate your ideas to specific events.

7.    Westward Movement.  Discuss some of the reasons people traveled to the West.  Why did westward expansion present both problems and opportunities for the country?  Examine specific events in Chapter 9 or Chapter 12, or from both.

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