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Task and Mark distribution:
Excorp is a London (US) based multinational energy organisation. Their mission statement
which is “to provide innovative energy solutions with superior safety, customer service and
financial excellence” defines the manner in which they operate and what their priorities are. Due
to the growing economic activity in Qatar, Excorp is keen on investing heavily in the state of Qatar
by undertaking viable projects in any economic sector and not limited to the energy sector.
During their last Strategic Leadership Retreat (SLR), the management of the organisation
decided to dedicate £1 million towards the development of a novel product/service project
in Qatar, however this project must be planned and executed within 24 months.
Your team is required to identify a suitable project that meets Excorp management’s agenda. Your
team also needs to prepare an integrative, applied and well researched presentation for the
representatives of Excorp. The contents of your presentation should serve as the main vehicle to
ensure that Excorp is aware and knowledgeable of your project objectives and how they will be
accomplished. As a minimum, your presentation is required to have the following:
– A detailed Project Charter
– A list of stakeholders and comments about their relevance to your project
– A Work Breakdown Structure
– An Organisational Breakdown Structure
– A Resource Requirement List
– A Responsibility Matrix
– A Dependency Chart/Critical Path Analysis – including justification for durations and comments about the critical path
– A Resource Analysis
– A Risk Management Strategy
– A Microsoft Project file/screen dump or print out
– A review of your project as though it is already completed

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