E-business site and issues Practical Assessment / report


Legal or Marketing Analysis
Because you have a small firm with limited resources, employees are not familiar with the legal issues that should be considered when selling to a global online market. Management is concerned that the firm may encounter with some legal problems in the near future and want to ensure they are following laws in countries they are/will be doing business in. Some countries may have a very lax attitude and no legal recourse, while other countries may have strict laws about this issue.

Choose 1 (one) legal issue that your firm will encounter with online international commerce:
• Accessibility/disability requirements
• Your products may be illegal to sell in certain countries
• Censorship of your firms site in certain countries
• Intellectual property issues
• Piracy of your products
• Data protection issues (like Data Protection Act)
• Online defamation and libel
• Drone laws
• Cyber bullying

• Analyze ONE specific legal challenge you see affecting your firm and how the firm should face this challenge.
• Based on the law you choose in question 1, describe the legal issues in TWO countries (one in Europe and one in non-EU country). Evaluate how laws in these countries might affect your decision to sell products in that country.

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