E- busines

E- busines

Students are required to create, analyse and present their E- business of their interest within a specific field. Develop all the necessary content and structure to bring it to the web.

There will be uploaded 3 files in order to help with the presentation and web:
1.) Projects outline
2.) Specific Instruction
3.) Example of a similar project with a different topic

Overview: This assessment is designed to allow students to research and develop their group E-business start up. Students are required to create, analyse and present their E- business of their interest within a specific field. Develop all the necessary content and structure to bring it to the web.

Upon successful completion of this project the student will be able to:
1.    Understand the importance of E-commerce as various platforms to conduct business at different levels.
2.    Compare the knowledge, skills and terminology of E- commerce to situations that will be encountered both on professional and personal level
3.    Understand the importance of how a website strategy and its design will impact E-marketing success.
4.    Demonstrate a critical understanding of the development stages needed to bring an online start up business.
5.    Employ their understanding of the internet to identify different E-commerce trends and how added value is brought through these trends;

Organization & Methodology:
Students will be organized into groups of three to five maximum. Students will need to create a business concept with a brand, images and descriptive text in the following fields; hotels, hotel consulting, tourism consulting, events and sports management. This will presented by the group in power point format. Students are requested to formally present this in class followed by questions from lecturer.
The presentations will be presented in class; each team will have 15 minutes for their presentation followed by 10 minutes questions. The presentation format will be in power point and will reflect how the students want to portray / launch their electronic business online.
The power-point e-business website should contain:
1.    A home page consisting of a menu (explanation of this).
2.    Minimum of 40 sub pages (slides) maximum 80 (slides).
3.    Written description / content of e-business developed by students.
4.    A sitemap pages linking to all pages.
5.    Logos, pictures, text related to your e-business concept and respecting copyrights.
6.    Contact information including address, phone and link to email address.
Consideration when developing the E-business start-up (Presentation):
•    E-business description (including various business elements) and e-business objectives.
•    Define the structure of your website. Gather the information, organize it and create a layered structure that will satisfy the user’s needs. If one section seems to contain more information then divide it into subsections. Create a list of sections and give them a hierarchy of importance.
•    Identify the target users.
a.    Who do you want to reach?
b.    What information do they want?
•    Short / mid to long online strategy.
•    Critical conclusion; referring to the achievement of the e-business objectives. ?Presentation – Grade Distribution: ?- 40 % Depth of analyses and research?- 30 % Creativity / Common Skills?- 30 % Presentation format (use of support materials, structure, balance, logical flow).


1.Manages own role and responsibilities

2.Manages own time in achieving objectives.

2. Transfer skills gained to new and changing situation and contexts.

5.Uses a range of thought processes

6. Treat other’s values beliefs and opinions with respect.

8. Works effectively as a member of a team.

COMMUNICATING    9. Receive and respond to a variety of different information.

10. Present information in a variety of visual forms.

11.Communicates in writing

12.Participates in oral and non-verbal communication

13.Uses information sources

17.Uses a range of technological equipment and systems

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