Dynamics Works

Part I – For this part of the assignment, read How to Make a Team Work and watch the video Negotiating Corporate Change(https://youtu.be/XX9JLrglIsg). The reading simply elaborates a few concepts from Getting To Yes.

The video is a case of an internal company negotiation. It is about 20 minutes long. It’s pretty complex, so you will probably want to watch it, or at least pieces of it, more than once.

Write a short analysis of the case using key concepts from the readings:

1Describe the BATNAs and the interests of the three key parties in this case, (Carlson, Stokes, and Morris).
2Suggest at least two options for resolving the issues.
3Suggest what Carlson’s strategy should be.
It should be clear from the video — but I want to emphasize it — that Bauer (the CEO) does not want to get directly involved. He doesn’t think he can find the right solution among the competing issues himself; that’s what he wants Carlson to do.
Please number each question and do not simply describe it, I need more complex analysis. If you need any referral information, I attached the powerpoint for you

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