dream job

dream job

Project description
At the beginning of the semester, you identified a dream job. Twelve weeks later, let’s discuss how you can apply what you’ve learned about marketing to be hired in that dream job. Think about concepts such as a SWOT analysis, target markets, product and packaging, social media marketing, promotion, maybe even pricing. Post your ideas about how to market yourself by Thursday night in a posting of at least 200 words.

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My dream job is something that is in line with communications. In marketing, communications are vital in order to effectively promote a certain product or service offering. In advertising for instance, effective communication is necessary in order to successfully impart the appropriate message to the target audience or market We see how successful commercials or TV ads like those coming from Apple and how they were fruitful in convincing a large target or group of consumers around the world. The firm was successful in making the right concept that would make a difference. I specifically like a job by which am given the chance to create my own concept of something to be conveyed to the public. I specifically look forward to the point where I could find myself effective at communicating something and even my innovative ideas to the public. It is my dream that someday I could formulate my own advertising concept on the media, which will also turn out that it is something that many people will definitely like or appreciate that much. On the other hand, I also like convincing people. This means that I also have affinity for marketing something, may it be an idea or a tangible product. Marketing definitely is a job that will definitely suit to my desire, because this is a field where the need to be adept with communication is required, above from a mere normal level, but dexterity at best. In other words, whatever it is that will require me to converse, and for as long as it is marketing-related activity,


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