Draft research proposal & 5 slide power-point Presentation

Topic: Draft research proposal & 5 slide power-point Presentation

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Assessment details
To help you pace yourself with the research proposal for Assessment 5, and in order to get timely
feedback on your progress with this major piece of work, you will submit a 1-2 page draft of your
proposal. Furthermore, you will deliver a presentation that summarises your proposal, which you
will share with your learning group.
Your presentation should take the form of a short voice-over-powerpoint recording that is not
longer than 3-4 minutes. The presentation should be supported by appropriate audio-visual aids
that can help your learning group to get a feel for your proposal. You will need to submit a link to
your presentation, posted to either Youtube or Vimeo (see the student toolbox for instructions on
how to do this, if you are unfamiliar), to your group discussion board for the Week 8 thread
discussing Assessment 2 presentations.

Assessment criteria
1. Conceptual understanding
2. Background research
3. Relevance to sociological knowledge
4. Documentation, presentation and expression
5. Conceptualisation and coherence.

Key concepts have
been identified and
deployed. There is
evidence of a highly
developed and
understanding of
relevant concepts.
Fluency in use of
conceptual language
is excellent.
Outstanding critical
analysis of the
literature relevant
to your direction.
Outstanding linkage
of background
literature and
research direction to
Documentation is
clear and supports
the presentation
well. The proposal is
clear, logical and
The research design
and approach fulfils
the conditions for a
It also contains
either original
theoretical ideas
and interpretations,
or a novel approach
which is
illuminating, or in
some other way
demonstrates flair
and insight.

Attached is the document for assessment 5 as this proposal is a draft for assessmnet 5.

Also attached is an example of what is expected for the 1-2 page draft proposal.

In relation to the 5 Powepoint slides is it possible to use a computer generated Female voice possibly with Australian accent? sorry never done one of these before and
don’t currently have powerpoint on my computer.

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