DNP Today Paper

DNP Today Paper
Please answer these questions in APA format with references that are less than 5 years old. I would like that some ideas and opinions I started are included. Attached PDF to reflect on and reference a couple of times in this essay.
Questions to be answered are:

1. Is the DNP today a clash of culture, power, politics or none of these?

A clash of culture may be considered since nursing as a culture will change with DNP being the highlight of clinical practice.

2. What are the controversies in the literature that exist about the DNP?

If AACN is made of PhD that does not discriminate DNPs from being a new culture of education. DNP is a fairly new degree that needs more time to grow in order to demonstrate its benefits and create reputation. The AACN may be based on job protection if only made from PhDs. It is not logical to simply state one is better than the other degree, simply DNP is geared towards clinical practice more than education.

3. Why do you have to have a PhD to teach Nursing? What are other controversies that surround the degree?

In order to teach you do not have to have a PhD. It may be preferred but not mandatory. I am a professor for various colleges at the MSN level. As long as you are seeking your DNP, it is allowed to teach MSNs.

4. Is the DNP equal to the PhD? Should it be considered for promotion and tenure in a University?

In personal experience one can see that DNP has assisted for promotion at the university level. A DNP is not equal to a PhD yet at this current time a PhD may be preferred for education. DNP seeks more of the clinical application.

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