Diversity and Surrounding Issues

Diversity and Surrounding Issues
Topic Analysis – Use the below article


Diversity and Surrounding Issues

During Unit 5, the emphasis will be on diversity in the workforce and the impact on the workplace. Consideration is given to the inclusion of individuals who are often not perceived to be included in the need for diversity awareness. The role of human resource management in the education and promotion of diversity awareness will be discussed.

Unit 5 Learning Objectives
1. Understand some of the critical issues that should be considered before recruiting and employing older workers

2. Explain how HR managers avoid litigation (legal action) in discrimination of older workers

3. Compare and contrast the job expectations of workers
— A topic analysis is on a topic that relates to the course. DO NOT JUST ANALYZE AN ARTICLE; ANALYZE HOW THE ARTICLE RELATES TO A KEY COURSE TOPIC. I suggest the following outline for the Article Analysis (Suggestion Only)
Introduction – the flow of the actual paper (What each section will cover)
Topic Overview – this section explains the key topic, not an introduction of the paper
Key article analysis – this section is a summary of one article that relates to the topic
Relationship to course concepts – this section relates key concepts from the topic (not the article) to Key concepts
Conclusion – summary of the paper only (no new information)

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