dissatisfaction correlates with inter-peer competitiveness

dissatisfaction correlates with inter-peer competitiveness

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Start with a clear thesis statement or thesis paragraph that introduces the issue. Convince the reader that this is an important issue.

Provide information that helps the reader understand the problem; definitions, statements about the history of the problem. Lay out the various aspects of the problem that you will then go on to explain more fully

Address the specific aspects of the problem, using articles and authors to back up your statements. This is not a summary of each article but it should be a synthesis of material gathered from articles and authors.

End the summary statement about the current state of this field and predictions, suggestions, and recommendations about what should or could happen next in the field.

Use these articles:

Munoz, M. E., & Ferguson, C. J. (2012) Body dissatisfaction correlates with inter-peer competitiveness, not media exposure: A brief report. Journal Of Social and Clinical Psychology, 31(4), pp. 383-392. https://dx.doi.org/10.1521/jscp.2012.31.4.383.

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I. Scope of the Problem & Layout:
II. Introductory Information:
III. Major Point 1:
IV. Major Point 2:
V. Conclusion:

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